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Saints Fan Hoping to Make Things Right with ‘Abraham from Boston’

Sandi Baudin feels terrible about her flub and desperately wishes she’s able to make things right.

Several weeks ago at an estate sale with her sister, the 61-year-old New Orleans resident met a man in his 30s named Abraham, who had recently relocated from Boston.

Baudin, a Saints season ticket holder, offered to take Abraham to a preseason game as a gesture of good faith.

However, Baudin mistakenly gave Abraham the wrong phone number as they parted ways.

“He said to me, ‘Put your number in my phone,'” Baudin said to the Boston Globe. “But I must’ve missed a number or typed one number in wrong or something.”

Baudin and her sister even went as far as to write a hand-written sign and place it close to where the estate sale was held, on Constantinople Street in New Orleans, reading “Hey Abraham from Boston. Call me. Lady from estate sale on Constantinople,” along with her phone number.

“I’m not a cougar, believe me — it was nothing like that. It was more, ‘Hey, this is a really nice guy and he’s new to town and it can’t hurt to meet new people,'” Baudin said to the Boston Globe. “Maybe he doesn’t know a lot of people here. I thought I’d take him to a football game so he can see how we tailgate here, compared to other places.”

The search is now viral thanks to a Louisiana man who saw the sign and posted the story on Reddit, giving Baudin increased optimism for a happy ending.

“It’s just a goofy story,” Baudin said, “and me trying to go out there and let someone know that I wasn’t yanking their chain.”