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Ben Watson Announces Twins with TD Celebration in Saints’ Win

Ben Watson’s second touchdown on the season was even more significant than merely helping the Saints (7-1) defeat the previously undefeated Los Angeles Rams (8-1).

After reeling in a 13-yard touchdown in the second quarter, Watson stuffed the football in his belly and held up seven fingers to make the big reveal.

The Watson’s have five children and now he and his wife Kirsten are expecting twins.

“We’re going from Watson Five to Watson Seven in several months here,” Watson said to NOLA.com.

The reason the announcement was made during the game is because the family is asking for prayers. The Watson’s have endured “a few” miscarriages recently.

“It’s been about 13 weeks now, and you usually wait about 12 weeks or so before you tell people,” Watson said to NOLA.com. “Especially in our situation, you just never know. But we want to share that, we want people to pray for us, we want to be open about it and we’re excited about it happening.”

During the touchdown celebration, Watson pointed at his wife. She’s now been inundated with well wishes on her phone.

“People have been lighting her up,” Watson said to NOLA.com.

The 37-year-old tight end recorded three receptions for 62 yards, one of which resulted in a dislocated finger.

It occured in the first quarter on a 17-yard reception when Watson fell to the ground and fell on his free hand.

“It’s painful, but there are worse things,” Watson said to NOLA.com. “It’s been a long, long time since that’s happened, but when it happens, you know it. You try yourself to pull it in, and usually you can’t, so you get the trainers to do it.”

Watson toughed it out and made his impact felt in the victory.

“I dislocated it and put it back in,” Watson said to NOLA.com. “Taped it up, good to go.”

While everyone is now buzzing about the vintage Joe Horn celebration by Michael Thomas, Watson hit his teammate with a playful jab.

“I would say mine was seven times better,” Watson said to NOLA.com.

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