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Alex Cora Dons LSU Jersey After Losing Bet

This had to sting to the core of Alex Cora.

The Boston Red Sox manager, a proud Miami alumni, agreed to a friendly wager with Houston Astros third baseman/LSU alumni Alex Bregman prior to the season opening football game between the two teams.

LSU easily defeated Miami 33-17 in Week 1 and on Sunday it was time for Cora to pay up.

The former Hurricanes baseball player was relegated to wear a Tigers baseball jersey in batting practice before the Red Sox-Astros game.

But not just any LSU baseball jersey. Making matters even worse for Cora was the fact it was a Warren Morris jersey, according to CBSSports.com.

Morris hit a walk-off two-run home run against Cora and Miami in the 1996 College World Series Championship Game.

Cora took the playful bet in stride but that’s certainly a painful moment to have to relive over two decades ago.

Hopefully LSU and Miami can meet in the College World Series this season to stir up the two pals again.