First things first.  I want a playoff.  I think it’s insane that there is not a playoff.  At least a 4 team, if not an 8 or 16 team playoff, to end the college football season, isn’t too much to ask, is it?

But, that being said, I love bowl season—crazy match-ups in odd locations every night of the week for nearly 3 straight weeks.   And you know what? One has nothing to do with the other.  You can have it all.

Look Southern Miss or Middle Tennessee State aren’t a factor in the playoffs so why can’t they have a bowl trip to New Orleans?—It’s great for the kids and great for fans.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a playoff to determine a national champion.  While schools are battling in Albuquerque and Saint Petersburg and New Orleans for a bowl title this weekend, we could have the first round match-ups of Ohio St. at Alabama, Oregon at Texas, Boise St. at Cincinnati and Florida at TCU.  Then in 2 weeks, you could still have the International Bowl and the Papa John’s Bowl on the same weekend as the national semifinals at the Sugar Bowl and Orange Bowl.  Gee, that seems mildly appealing.  Then more bowls and a national championship 2 weeks later in Pasadena.  We would get a true champion and still get a once in a lifetime experience for kids at places like SMU, UCF, etc.

And don’t give me the academic argument, because the kids are out of school for the most part, and the NCAA hoops tournament is more invasive to studies than this.  Don’t tell me this would diminish the regular season, because I’m pretty sure Oklahoma and Texas will still be a huge rivalry.  And I’m sure Alabama and Auburn will still want to beat the snot out of each even if there’s a playoff.  And then there’s the Big 10 and Pac 10 who don’t want to ruin the tradition of the Rose Bowl with a playoff.  Let’s see Illinois getting killed by USC at the Rose Bowl or a national semifinal or final—-hmmm.

So the big boys would get to play big boy football while the little guys would still get their chance at the stage and a trophy.  Sounds good to me.

Are there too many bowls, probably, but I want college football season to last as long as possible, but I also want it to end the right way–with a true champ.

Bowl Notes
—Despite the abundance of bowls, only one Louisiana team is going bowling and thats LSU.  Louisiana-Monroe and Louisiana-Lafayette are both bowl eligible at 6-6. But there were more bowl eligible teams than bowl spots, and unfortunately for the Warhawks and Ragin Cajuns, the Sun Belt is the lowest ranked of the FBS conferences, so they were left out.

—Speaking of the LSU Tigers, they practice at home before departing for Orlando the day after Christmas for their Capital One Bowl battle with Penn State.

—-The Superdome is host to 2 bowls again.  The aforementioned USM–MTSU matchup is Sunday December 20.  It is the Golden Eagles second straight appearance here, and 18th bowl game overall.  The Blue Raiders are making their second ever bowl appearance(2006 loss to Central Michigan in the Motor City Bowl)

—-New Year’s night, The Florida Gators will try to bounce back from their SEC Championship game loss as they face Undefeated Big East Champion Cincinnati.