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  • Saturday - The Fisherman's Guide, Jimmy Houston Outdoors, Sportsman TV, Louisiana Outdoor Adventures, Out Da Bayou, Castin' Cajun
  • Sunday - Paradise Louisiana, Sportsman TV, The Fisherman's Guide, Jimmy Houston Adventures, Rollin' TV, Out Da Bayou, Castin' Cajun

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Castin' Cajun                       

Follow our host Tony Fontenot and all his special guests, as they sample all the best South Louisiana and the Gulf Coast have to offer. From down home Louisiana cooking, the hottest fishing spots, or the best in Bayou entertainment the Castin’ Cajun will show you when, where and how to have fun in the deep south.

Saturdays at 10am CT & Sundays at 10:30am CT

Castin' Cajun Website                




Coastal Fishing Concepts with Captain Charlie Thomason          

Anglers today have found that inshore coastal fishing has become a complex gathering of numerous variables that every angler encounters but they must organize these variables correctly to solve the true formula for catching fish.  As one of the most experienced and proven inshore professional anglers, Capt. Charlie Thomason, will educate anglers on the specific techniques, presentations and concepts to make them successful on the water in every scenario.

Saturdays at 9am CT






The Fisherman's Guide

Join Capt. Ronnie Daniels as your on-air guide, teaching you to become a better angler from the dock to the dinner table.  The Fisherman's Guide is designed with you in mind.  It's a practical approach to fishing which provides viewers with educational tools and tricks needed to become a better, more consistent angler.

Saturdays at 10:30am CT





Jimmy Houston Outdoors/Adventures

Get hooked with legendary angler, Jimmy Houston (America’s Favorite Fisherman).

Jimmy Houston Website             





Louisiana Outdoor Adventures

Louisiana Outdoor Adventures is a fishing and hunting show geared toward the absolute best adventures the state of Louisiana has to offer. Join Hosts Kevin Ford, Bryce Michel and a host of other LA personalities as they bring you Louisiana flavor the way it should be! ...Fast, Fun, Exciting and Educational!

Saturdays at 8:00am CT & Sundays at 8:30am CT

LA Outdoor Website                 




Out Da Bayou

Host John Jackson will take you into the world of food, fun and tourism with a hands-on approach to gathering the best cuisine Louisiana has to offer! We will bring the shows harvest to the best professional Chefs as well as seasoned backyard cooks! Stories with Great Taste is what you will find when you tune into Out Da' Bayou!

Saturdays at 9:30am CT &Sundays at 8am CT

Out Da Bayou Website               




Paradise Louisiana

Join hosts Gary Rispone and Don Dubuc for Paradise Louisiana each week.

Paradise Louisiana provides viewers with current hunting and fishing reports and forecasts from Louisiana's most highly regarded fishing and waterfowl guides, big game outfitters, as well as detailed tips from local sportsmen and guides.  Another interesting bonus on the show is that many major outdoor events and charity events are participated in and covered. Paradise Louisiana thrives in providing a fun and informational program from every aspect of outdoor life. From the weekend warriors, to the men and women who earn their living outdoors, your story is our story.”

Thursdays at 10pm CT & Sundays at 7:00am CT

Paradise LA Website            






Rollin’ On TV

Rollin' On TV is America's #1 RV and Camping lifestyle program and covers all aspects of RVing, from RV destinations and events to factory tours along with product tests and features. From pets onboard to fantastic meals by the campfire, if it has to do with RVing and camping you're sure to find it on Rollin' On TV.

Sundays at 9:30am CT & Tuesdays at 7am CT

Rollin' On TV Website              




Sportsman TV

In keeping with the legacy of Louisiana Sportsman Magazine, Sportsman TV will showcase the hunting and fishing activities the South has to offer. Hosted by pro fisherman Greg Hackney and produced by creative outdoorsman Jared Serigné, this new version of the show will push the limit of what can be done in a season of outdoor television. Nothing's Safe on Sportsman TV!

Thursdays at 6:30pm, Saturdays at 8:30am &Sundays at 9am

Sportsman TV Website          


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