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LSU-Tulane Baseball Rivalry

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This past Tuesday I was able to attend the LSU vs. Tulane baseball game that I previewed last week. I was intrigued about what I would see. Not really on the field, but outside the lines at a major college baseball game.  The game was a near sellout. The attendance count was around 5063 people. That amazed me especially to know that people in Louisiana are still in major support of our local universities! Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves despite the rivalry that was taking place on the field. There were of course people enjoying drinks, jambalaya and the occasional hot dog while watching the game.

Now I know in the last blog I may have expressed some thoughts that this game should be very close. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong; LSU came out and played flawless baseball, especially in the fiel, shutting out the Wave 5-0.

Also in the last blog I focused a little on who would be impact players of this game. One of those players was LSU’s Mason Katz and he did not fail to disappoint my expectations of his skills; he had a great game. But I must say there is one player that I regret not mentioning. And that was the freshman pitcher Aaron Nola.

He did not only have an outstanding  game and was one of the main reasons that LSU was able to hold Tulane to zero runs, but he was also named Player of the Game. It was a joy for the crowd to watch him pitch as well as for me. Best part about this guy is that he is only a freshman, so I’m sure through this season and the others to come he will be well known. He’s got more than potential. So you guys should watch out for this one.

By: Serena Crawford


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